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Touch moves!
8x Hands On Practice & Contact Improvisation / 6 February – 27 March 2018
mit Dino Spiri

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Ich liebe es einen sich bewegenden Körper mit meinen Händen zu begleiten. Die Hände sind präzise Instrumente, die sowohl Information geben als auch erspüren können. Für diese Workshopserie interessiert mich besonders wie wir Qualitäten, die wir in erster Linie über Berührung mit unseren Händen vermitteln in Contact Situationen nutzen können und wie dies unseren Tanz beeinflusst. Die wunderbar nährenden Begleiterscheinungen der Hands On arbeit gibt’s gratis dazu.

Ein spezieller Fokus soll auf dem berühmt berüchtigten Non-Doing-Touch der Alexander-Technik liegen. Die Qualität dieser Berührung kann sehr ‘simpel’ mit Dasein in Berührung durch Dasein mit sich selbst beschrieben werden. Es ist ein Ausgangspunkt, der ein besonderes Fundament für Kommunikation durch Berührung legt – wie ein Gespräch mit Zuhören zu beginnen anstatt mit Sprechen, ein sich Einlassen darauf, was im Kontakt geschehen möchte.

Wir werden verschiedenste Berührungs- und Bewegungsqualitäten durch Bodywork und Hands On Szenarien ausprobieren – und diese natürlich in unseren Contact Tanz einfließen lassen. Contact Technik ist selbstverständlicher Teil des Unterrichts.

Vorerfahrung in CI ist hilfreich, Beginner*innen sind sehr herzlich willkommen.
Unterrichtssprachen sind Deutsch und Englisch.

I really love accompanying a moving body with my hands. There’s so much to sense, communicate and wonder about. The hands are very precise instruments that can read and give a lot of information. For this series I’m particularly interested in how we can translate qualities of touch that we can induce and communicate through our hands into Contact situations and how this will influence the dance. A nice side effect of course is that receiving Hands On has a very nourishing effect.

A particular focus will be on the infamous Alexander- or Non-Doing Touch. This quality of touch can be described as ‚just’ being there, being present with my partner through being present with myself. An amazing place to start from – a gateway for communication is being established that can now be fed with ideas and directions. It is like beginning a conversation with actually listening rather than talking, it is softening into what’s there between you and your partner.

We will dive into exploring different qualities of touch and movement through body work and hands on scenarios – subsequently bringing them into Contact situations. Contact technique will be part of the classes.

Some experience in CI is suggested to attend this course but beginners are very welcome!
Teaching language German and English, as needed.

When & where
6 February – 27 March 2018
8 classes every Tuesday from 8-10pm

Studio 58, Karl-Marx-Str. 58, Berlin-Neukölln

110-75 Euro for the whole series, as you can
15 Euro for single class, drop in

Ich empfehle den kompletten Kurs zu buchen, da die einzelnen Klassen aufeinander aufbauen.
I strongly recommend to book the whole series as the classes build on each other.

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I am happy to be invited again to teach at the New Years Contact Improvisation Festival Berlin 2017/18

Contact Improvisation, Somatic Practices, Watercontact, Bodywork & Yoga

with Naama Ityel, Michael Shapira, Mario Ghezzi , Nadja Schwarzenbach, Daniel Werner, Jörg Hassmann, Dino Spiri, Marielle Gerke, Mireia Aragones, Sophia Frick, Samuli Lehesaari, Zuza Bukowski and more.
Music with Florian Betz and his team.

Organic, vegetarian food by our faboulus chef Inga Striezel.

Join us for a New Year´s celebration in Berlin, were we bring together community to dance, share and play!

Through dance, body awareness practices and sharing ourselves with others, we reconnect with our light and welcome the new year with vitality and joy

Registration and Info

Unter dem Titel  “December Island” geht es uns um ein geräumiges Ankommen bei sich selbst und einem stimmigen Bezug zu unserer Umgebung.
Mit Stille, Bewegung und Berührung und einer möglichst aufrichtigen Auseinandersetzung damit, was uns im Moment bewegt und erreicht, erkunden wir uns durch diesen Tag.

December Island
Space Through Movement & Touch

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/322560248218789/

With Christine Mauch & Dino Spiri

December Island provides an opportunity to meet, communicate, learn, and play through movement and touch.
Exploring the infinite variety of qualities, tastes, and dimensions of states opens spaces for an honest meeting of what is moving us at that moment.

We will take time for unraveling a comfortable place in our own bodies and offer suggestions that guide us into touch and movement. Contact Improvisation will be on the menu as well.

This workshop is open for anyone who likes to engage in the simple yet vast discovery of possible action in movement and stillness.

When & where
9 December
11am-5pm (incl. lunchbreak)

Studio 2 Mime Centrum Berlin, Kunstquartier Bethanien
Mariannenpl. 2, 10997 Berlin

95-70 Euro, as you can

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Qualities of Touch #2 – Swimming under the skin
Revealing well-being through touch and movement

Touching someone is so simple and so incredibly complex. We are constantly negotiating a give and take, proposing actions, listening to and acting on invitations. What inspires engagement and makes me want to invest in contact and movement? How can I foster my own curiosity? We will use the Alexander Touch and the principles of the Technique as a base for our explorations around touch and movement as they offer a beautiful gateway into discovering a world that lies in between overdoing and passivity. Finding answers becomes secondary as we practice to ride arising questions!

Each session is dedicated to a specific quality of touch that we dive into and explore.

::: For whom
Anybody who would like to explore touch and small movement in an intimate setting and under qualified guidance.
Professional bodyworkers who are interested in new ideas and inspiration for their own practice.

::: Susanne & Dino

are certified teachers of the Alexander Technique and share their passion to support, reconnect and ground yourself in your body, and therefore in your life. Susanne’s work is rich and multidimensional. Formed through twenty years of study and ten years of teaching the Alexander Technique, her practice also draws on her training as a Gestalt therapist and a background as a sound artist / professional musician. Dino is since eight years deeply involved in practising and teaching various disciplines of movement and touch. His approach to teaching is strongly rooted in somatic practices (Klein Technique, BMC, AT and Vipassana meditation) and aims to create a bedding for meeting oneself and each other.

::: Date & place
November 16, 2017
Zentrum für Alexander-Technik, Auguststraße 65, 10117 Berlin

::: Price
Sliding scale: 80-60 €
Pay as you can

We take a maximum of 8 participants

::: Registration
[email protected]
[email protected]