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I once had an episode of pretty bad back pain. The MRI didn’t show any anatomical cause.
The orthopedist sent me to physiotherapy, which helped. Osteopathy helped too. And
then I remembered that my friend Dino does Alexander-technique. I booked a session.
And Dino’s hands created space in all my joints and between the vertebrae. It turned
out that the best remedy for my back pain was to release tension and create space.

Working with Dino was wonderful for developing a rich understanding of my body and its movements. I experience more grounding in my body and awareness of healthy movement as a result. I would really recommend this to any performer.

EndaArtist - Producer - Songwriter -

Von Dinos Liege wollte ich mich nur noch ungern wegbewegen, nachdem ich die Alexander-Technik dort kennenlernte.


Dino’s touch is a reminder for my body’s natural knowledge. With the help of his hands, I’m able to discover new movement possibilities, find ways to let go of unneeded tension and more efficient ways for my body to move, to be and stay present. After the work together, it feels like I’m fully filling every space of my body, I feel bigger, lighter and more awake.


Dino’s extremely mindful and refreshingly authentic way of teaching and being resonated with me deeply (being a free-form movement facilitator myself I’m pretty picky with teachers ;)). I feel that in his guidance Dino is never imposing anything on me as a participant- he’s inviting and allowing that which wants to rise, which is incredibly powerful! His sessions have such a natural flow that really allows me to let go, sink into my own inner void and thus connect to my body and myself deeply.
Experiencing his work and underlying philosophy is inspiring me in my private and professional life!
Thank you, Dino!

SvenjaMindfulness Coach, Free-Form Movement

Was ich erlebt habe: Feinheit, Genuss, Leichtigkeit, forschen, suchen, experimentieren, entdecken. Was mir besonders geholfen und mir gefallen hat, war die langsame, entspannte und behutsame Art Deines Unterrichts, und immer wieder darauf zu achten, wie ich mich selbst spüren und wahrnehmen und bei mir bleiben kann, auch wenn ich im Kontakt mit anderen bin. Und in ganz einfachen kleinen Übungen ganz neue Erfahrungen zu machen und immer mehr einzutauchen. Danke Dino!


“It is really a pleasure to meet the power of my body through the Alexander Technique with the help of Dinos hands. Not only the connection with my body for every day’s life is growing. I discover with Dino a practice to give my weight in the ground and grow, to let go and get more in return, to trust and all comes to me… I feel an opening of my energy and this feels so powerful. Thank you Dino.“

Bei Dinos Unterricht habe ich gelernt und vor allem gespürt, was Alexander-Technik bewirken kann. Er hat als Lehrer im wahrsten Sinn ein gutes Händchen dafür, chronische Verspannungen zu lösen, indem er die Körperhaltung sehr subtil zur Korrektur bringt. Nicht zuletzt hat er mir durch fundiertes Wissen anatomische Strukturen und physiologische Zusammenhänge bewusst gemacht, die bei der Ausrichtung und Visualisierung während der Übungen sehr hilfreich waren. Für mich heißt es deshalb: dran bleiben an Alexander-Technik.
Es ist ein wirkliches Geschenk von dir angefasst zu werden. Deine achtsame, feinfühlige und wertschätzende Berührung und Begleitung ist nährend und aktivierend. Danke für diese achtsame Kommunikation.

Mich erstaunt, wie einfach die Alexander-Technik mich aufbaut und unterstützt,  egal in welchem Zustand ich gerade bin. Nach jeder Stunde fühle ich mich aufrecht und sehr angenehm, ich befreie mich unwillkürlich von unnötiger Anspannung. Noch bis zu eineinhalb Tage später ist alles, was ich tue, angenehmer, und einige Erfahrungen aus den AT-Stunden bereichern schon durchgehend mein tägliches Leben.

UllaReferentin Personalwesen

Touch and Movement

have played a very important role in my life for more than a decade.

I am offering Hands-On Sessions that are sourced from the principles of the Alexander Technique and influenced by various other techniques that I have had the pleasure of spending my time with.

Additionally you’ll find on these pages information about my work as Contact Improvisation and movement teacher, as well as information about different workshops.

Snoop around in the Blog to find more personal writings about topics that interest me that I find worth sharing.

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While studying music in the Netherlands, I suffered immense pain in my back, shoulders, arms, head, and neck, and I guess very much also in my mind. None of my many attempts to relieve these pains proved successful until I met the Alexander Technique. The effects were mind-blowing on so many levels that I switched careers and moved to Berlin to become a certified teacher of the technique.

My wish is to share some of what I’ve experienced and learned.

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