Sessions based on the Alexander Technique

“So, you learn super-fast. You act super-fast, and in empowering and beneficial ways. You actually become intelligent, as we humans are supposed to be. You become less and less like a sheep, and more and more like a lion. You are no longer helpless; you are actually creating – being of benefit to yourself and everyone else. You’re no longer reacting unconsciously – being slapped around by your thoughts and emotions, not knowing who you are or what you’re here for, and therefore sending out to the Universe all kinds of mixed ideas and frequencies. This is all fine and perfect, of course, and there’s no blame or judgement, but it is helpful to observe and become aware of your unconscious behavior – to let it motivate you to say ‘No’ to that mode of being”

Benthino Massaro, Super Accelerated Living

The Alexander Technique is a powerful tool to get to know yourself!

Working with the Alexander Technique as a base provides a unique bedding and quality of thought and touch that meet your needs, address your issues and provide powerful tools to apply and use in everyday life. The principles of this wonderful technique form a strong foundation for my work. Other disciplines like Contact Improvisation, BMC, Klein Technique and Vipassana meditation are influences that add to what happens during a session.

During a 60min session I offer my hands as an invitation to meet yourself through sensing, touch and movement. The body knows, and I offer a space for your body to (re-)organise itself into a place that might make more sense.

Booking sessions

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A session lasts between 50-6o min
A single session is priced at 55 EUR

If money is an issue please talk to me.


One session a week for 10 weeks – 400 Euro (40 Euro/session)

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