It is already the 8th edition of Joerg’s Summer Intensive. Always a highlight for me! Consider joining us!


What keeps the dance fresh, once we notice that improvising mainly means to repeat the same movements over and over again, just in a different order?

There is a technical aspect to it: by becoming more detailed we discover nuances within the familiar patterns. Becoming more vulnerable is another aspect: I would like to visit backspace and up side down situations. Not so much for the thrill of it, but more as a tool to get in touch with our fear patterns. We will play with situations that force us to listen more carefully and to push us gently to the edge of our comfort-zone; this slightly unpleasant state where learning happens.

In addition I would like to work with ‘in & out of touch & weight’-proposals to allow more spaciousness in duet situations and also as a tool for more complex group constellations. Last but not least I wish to partly work completely non-technical; using specific or open scores to get in touch with our aesthetic senses and our playfulness. I would like to challenge our ‘normal choice making’ strategies by reducing options or adding unnecessary extras.

Participants should feel very familiar with CI. We will ask about your dance and movement background upon registration.

Workshop times
August 12-23
Mondays-Fridays from 10am-5pm (90 min break)

Somatische Akademie BerlinPaul-Lincke-Ufer 30, 10999 Berlin

550€-380€ by paying until June 15th
550€-430€ by paying after June 15th

Registration & information
[email protected]

Picture by Ralf Hiemisch
Flyer design by Jenny Ma