I wonder how these two modes of depth and connection go together:
On the one hand it is a game changer if I allow myself to properly arrive, land and connect to what is there before I respond or act. Arriving in the space, the body, the touch. Tapping into the elasticity of body and time, where I can respond with a delay that is nourished by a deeper connection to myself and my surroundings.

Another mode to truthfully respond is instant. We might call it intuition. I respond almost before I know what the offer of the other will become. The magic match, almost reliable coincidences, the lack of any hesitation. It needs a huge permission to get it wrong when we work on it – ease and fun with failure, missing the bus, not meeting each other.

I envision more spaciousness and freedom in our dancing, forgetting what we know, trusting more when it is not obvious what’s going to happen … balanced by detailed explorations in the somatic wonderland, alone and with a supportive bodywork-ish curiosity. Responding with delay is easier to find through touch and shared weight. The intuition mode with instant responses I find easier to get when working without touch. We’ll see how the bodies bring these two different worlds of acting and responding together and live & witness it with delight.

Participants should be very familiar with Contact Improvisation technique, which will be our common language for this Intensive. In case of doubt, check in with us.

Mon-Wed & Fri-Sat 10-17:30 (2 hour lunch break, shorter when it’s raining)
Sunday 10-14
Thursday is free!

560-360 EUR (sliding scale)
[email protected]

EDEN***** Studios
Breite Strasse 43, 13187 Berlin-Pankow

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Katja Mustonen & Joerg Hassmann by Alex Zampini