I am happy to be teaching one of the intensives at this year’s Touch & Play gathering in Germany!

Balance – Approaching a moving target
Intensive @Touch & Play
27 Aug- 2 Sep 2023, Nature Community, Schönsee

In order to playfully explore anything beyond or outside one’s own bodily and mental structures, a strong, unshakable connection to oneself is incredibly helpful. If you know how to contact that realm within yourself that is untouchable and where you are always safe, reaching out to others, provoking, inviting, seducing, tickling, touching & playing becomes easy and delightful.

This Contact Improvisation intensive will offer structures and tools to explore learning yourself through sensing yourself. We will practice meditation and take time to slow down, so we can dive deep into sensing and detailed movement. As the body unwinds, your ability to fully taste sensations increases manyfold, your curiosity gets sparked, your range of choices expands. In order to connect to others we will practice unintentional touch. This quality of physical touch is very respectful and creates trust. From this place it is rather easy to find a gateway into anything else – excitement, detail, playfulness… you name it.

CI technique will be our basis and common language to communicate and play with. Revisiting fundamental aspects of CI technique will be part of this intensive.

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Foto by Ralf Hiemisch