I am happy to be invited again to teach at the New Years Contact Improvisation Festival Berlin 2017/18

Contact Improvisation, Somatic Practices, Watercontact, Bodywork & Yoga

with Naama Ityel, Michael Shapira, Mario Ghezzi , Nadja Schwarzenbach, Daniel Werner, Jörg Hassmann, Dino Spiri, Marielle Gerke, Mireia Aragones, Sophia Frick, Samuli Lehesaari, Zuza Bukowski and more.
Music with Florian Betz and his team.

Organic, vegetarian food by our faboulus chef Inga Striezel.

Join us for a New Year´s celebration in Berlin, were we bring together community to dance, share and play!

Through dance, body awareness practices and sharing ourselves with others, we reconnect with our light and welcome the new year with vitality and joy

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